The Archive tool is a console application used to package multiple files up into to a format optimized for the Essence Engine. Typically the Mod Builder is used as a front-end for the archive tool rather than running the archive tool directly.

Archive Definition

An archive definition file is required to create an Archive File using the archive tool, it is a text file with the following format:

Archive name="<string>" blocksize="<int>" signkey="<filename>"
TOCStart name="<string>" alias="<string>" path="<string>" relativeroot="<string>"
    FileSettingsStart defverification="none|crc|crc_blocks|md5_blocks|sha1_blocks" defcompression="store|stream_compress|buffer_compress"
        Override wildcard="<regex>" minsize="<int>|-1" maxsize="<int>|-1" vt="none|crc|crc_blocks|md5_blocks|sha1_blocks" ct="store|stream_compress|buffer_compress"