Virtually all simulation data, and some front-end data, is defined by a set of attributes created by the Attribute Editor. Mods can augment these attributes in one of two ways. Tuning Packs can override attribute data, replacing instances with entirely new ones that behave completely differently. Most other mods can add new attribute data, extending existing attribute data with new options.

Attribute Instance References

While attribute instances from the root data can be referred to by their name (their file name without the directory or extension), mod attribute instances must be referred to by their mod and name (<mod>:<name>).

-- Get the hq blueprint from the root data:

-- Get the my_hq blueprint from the mod 277a61d6d12d4c519ed188822bc60a50's data:

You can quickly get the mod's GUID from the Mod Builder by right clicking on the GUID in the status bar and selecting Copy: