A scenario is a collection of files created by the World Builder that together make up a map. These files include:

Suffix.Extension Optional Description
.scenariomarker No A generated file containing the Scenario's markers.
.scenario No The primary file of a Scenario containing its visual elements. No Lighting ambient occlusion image used for rendering.
_loading_background.tga Yes A full-screen loading background image (should be 1080p).
_unloading_background.tga Yes A full-screen loading background image (should be 1080p) used in place of _loading_background.tga when exiting the game if present.
_mm_generated.tga No A generated minimap image.
_mm_handmade.tga Yes A stylized minimap image, used in place of _mm_generated.tga if present. No Top down map image used for rendering.

Scenario Types

Name Type Description
Multi-player Scenario multiplayer This type of scenario can be used in custom games.